Living trees have souls, and the soul of the tree shows up in every detail of its wood. I believe that when the soul of the tree comes together with the spirit of the artist, something meaningful is created. I work with wood as my main medium because I have a deep connection to the material and the process.

Most recently I created a series of wall sculptures using wood and 24ct gold leaf to convey the concept of attraction, separation and inequality in out worlds monetary system.

My work as a sculptor is an intimate process of self discovery which I use as a practice for finding deeper meaning and self-understanding in life.  I feel a sense of reverence and responsibility in each piece to honor the living material.   My aim is to bring the deeper patterns and meanings within a tree to the surface of human consciousness.

It is my hope that the intimacy I feel with the wood is conveyed in each sculpture and that is creates a felt experience in the viewer.  The practice of making art is my way of connecting to the people of the world.  It’s my contribution of making the world a better place.


Education and Experience: 

2015 -- Present, Maker and Artist, Self Employed, Rutherford Studio

2008 – 2014, Owner, Honoring Fallen Trees

2015 – 2016, Lead Craftsman, First Last & Always, Inc. 

2015 – 2016,  Lead Craftsman, Blank and Cables, Inc.

1999 – 2001,  Apprenticeship with Ted Scherrer, Fine Furniture Maker, Bellingham, WA

Group Exhibitions:

2017 -- American Craft Council, San Francisco show

2016 – Pence Gallery (Davis, CA), Slice, juried exhibition

2013 – Pence Gallery (Davis, CA) , Slice, juried exhibition

2011 – William Jessup University (Rocklin, CA) juried exhibition

Previous Representation:

Artwood Gallery, Bellingham, WA

Panache Gallery, Mendocino, CA