Joshua Rutherford

Joshua Rutherford lives and works in San Francisco, California. Born in 1978, he began his woodworking career at age 21, serving as apprentice to a fine furniture maker in Bellingham, Washington. After a three year apprenticeship and brief change in career he opened his own studio in 2009 with a primary focus of making fine furniture using locally harvested trees.

Shortly after opening his studio, his work began to include sculpture and architectural peices. Self-taught and instinctive, Joshua Rutherford creates pieces emphasizing the beauty of the tree with strong contrasts, playing with light, lines, textures and materials. There is a felt sense of reverence and responsibility in the pieces he creates, honoring the living material.  The intimate process of his work allows him to find deeper layers of meaning and self understanding. His pieces are used by many interior designers and he is exhibited in art galleries throughout Northern California.